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R&D and QC

Quality Control

Our QC and R&D labs are approved as Enterprise Technology Center by Shandong Economic and Information Committee

We believe in Quality is the base of a company. We have a very strict inspecting standard from the f the raw materials, intermediates and the finished products. Every batch of products in and out of our factories must be inspected to guarantee the quality. We have quality control departments at all our plants, which consist of Quality Control Laboratory, Research and Development Laboratory, Instrument Laboratory.
The company has a whole set of equipment for quality-control, including apparatus for checking and analysis, which provide guarantee for the newly-developed and quality control.

Research & Development

Our company cooperates with lots of national research institutes and colleges. We also retain the famous chemical and pesticide experts as our consultants, and receive many outstanding graduates to build up our development department for new products. In addition, we invest a lot of capital in purchasing advanced equipments and apparatus for the research and development every year, so we have strong capability to develop new products.

Our company always pays high emphasis on developing new products. We have founded the special funds for developing new products and techniques. We have more than 40 kinds of pesticides, all of which have the three essential certificates. We have made the plan to add two new technical products and 6 formulated products annually and we are carrying this plan into execution. Owning to the "produce one generation, stock one generation and develop one generation" strategy of new products development, there is enough stamina for the development of our company.

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