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必威备用网站As one of the most competitive agrochemical companies in China, Luba Chem strives not just in our competitive technical products, but formulation R&D and domestic sales network construction. Although holding more than 100 ICAMA approved products, our research on new types of formulation development and registration is always on the road.

必威备用网站Luba Chem owns a professional formulation manufacturing plant, which has several automatic production lines of formulation processing and subpackaging & filling. Many formulation types, such as EC, WP, EW, AP, SC, WSG, SL, ME, etc., can be produced in our producing plants. Effective quality management system ensures our customers to receive reliable products and services.

必威备用网站In domestic market, Luba Chem employs nearly 100 professional salesmen and builds a well-running sales network. Luba is a household brand in Chinese formulation market and is proud to provide quality crop protection products for millions of customers in China.

Developed and endorsed by our effective manufacturing plants, we are dedicated to deliver products combines both fine quality and cost effective to our global customers.


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