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Agrochemical Technical

Luba has 4 MITT approved pesticides sites, among which there are 3 Technical sites. Luba attaches much importance on technology innovation, in 2002, Paraquat trial run succeeded, it became the first Paraquat manufacturer with ammonia-cyanogen method of our own. Luba became a real Technical synthesizer from the formulator. With the new technology, we get higher yield and purity but less impurities, leading the Paraquat industry in China.

必威备用网站We are also the largest manufacturer of Haloxyfop-P-Methyl TC and Fluroxypyr TC, one of the earliest manufacturers of Diquat TC and Cyhalofop TC, we are focusing on producing and commercializing a series of Pyridine-based agrochemicals.

Our product line has been enriched by the horizontal expansion in 2011, through which we acquired the most advanced organophosphorus pesticide production line and the largest benzoylurea insecticide manufacturing base in China. Meanwhile, we improved the quality of Malathion, Hexaflumuron, Difubenzuron by modifying the technology.

必威备用网站 Luba also succeeded in producing Chlorpyrifos in Pyridine route, changing the current situation of TCP route dominated all China. The new route resulted in higher purity, lower pollution, leading the more environmental friendly trend.

Always, we constantly develop Pyridine downstream intermediates, providing infinite possibilities to improve new agrochemicals. The advantages of all Technicals are superior, together with satisfactory service, Technical producing and supplying is the key business unit of Luba Group.


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